Meet the photographers and staff of Aerial Innovations of TN & KY, Inc. We have a passion for helping clients with their imaging goals. We document, development and create visually stunning images. From the air or with our feet on the ground, we are committed to quality in our work, integrity within our industry and versatility within our craft...and having a little fun! Read more about our adventures on our blog, Above It All.

Wendy Whittemore earned her wings at Aerial Innovations of GA, Inc in 2000. Since then, she can't keep her feet on the ground! Her love of photography and flying has led AITN to be a leading Aerial Photography company in the Southeast. Connect with Wendy on LinkedIn

Jessi Braswell Our newest social butterfly, Jessi is a native of Nashville and a seasoned sales professional. She brings a great love of art and photography to our team and loves to help clients get their perfect shot. If you view Jessi in the wild, she may be attending live music events, trying her hand at some instruments or laughing it up with her friends. You will meet Jessi. It’s just a matter of when! Connect with her on LinkedIn


Lynse Watkins It takes a lot to keep us flying - great weather, awesome clients, amazing photographers, and superior ground control. “Ground Control to Major Tom…” We know you were singing it in your head. Lynse keeps us in line by overseeing daily operations and managing our spending. "No, you cannot buy a new plane.” Sheesh, she’s tough.


Tiffany Holmes A native of the Pacific Northwest, Tiffany has been in Nashville since 2012 pursuing her AA in Photography at Nashville State. She was scooped up for her talent in getting the job done. Now in charge of production, Tiffany makes sure the work looks great and gets out the door. And, when she is not busy with client work, loves flying, photography, hiking, her family and traveling to new places.


Rick Smith Rick comes to us with an MFA from Columbia College in Chicago where he was also an instructor. He continues spreading the knowledge of photography at the Art Institute in Nashville. He has taken to the sky like a duck to water and made all of his fellow SouthLight Salon Photographers very jealous.


Johnny Gerhart When he’s not out shooting videos in gorgeous and remote locations, Johnny is in the skies of Kentucky, Tennessee, and wherever else we can send him. He also runs the drone like a champ, switching from cinematographer to operator with a twirl of his killer ‘stache. Shoot on, Johnny, shoot on.


Bonnie Whittemore Watch this one, she’s out for money! Bonnie helps us keep the dough rolling by taking care of deposits, paying bills, creating invoices….oh, and payroll…who could forget that?? She is not only a family member but a part of the team, keeping us entertained with her stories from the neighborhood, her dance escapades and her lovely daughter. With that, over and out!